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The Dream Cushion Cut is the most beautiful Cushion Cut Diamond in the  world today.


What makes The Dream  Cushion Cut unique is the way it is cut from its rough state until it is transformed into a well-polished and beautifully cut diamond. The process begins with the mining of the  diamond followed by a cutting procedure that involves  precise skills symmetry, and proportion monitored closely by experienced  master cutters. 

Most of the traditional and well- known cushion cuts offered in the market today are cut completely different producing a “crushed ice” look that lacks brilliance and doesn’t portray the same beauty as The Dream Cushion Cut. Customers purchasing The Dream Cushion Cut are  assured that  they are getting a diamond  like no other.

The greatest difference between the “crushed ice” look and  the Dream Cut is the way the Dream Cut reflects light.  The area of the diamond that reflects the most return  of light  is the pavilion facets or the bottom of the diamond. 

The Dream Cut’s pavilion facets are very similar to the Round Brilliant Cut’s thus making it stand out and sparkle.

The Dream Cushion Cut are all GIA Certified and laser inscribed in the girdle of the diamond.

Laser inscriptions guarantee the quality and authenticity of loose diamonds.

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